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He’s a Scotsman through and through with the kilt and loch-side manor to prove it
Savannah Adelson spent years sacrificing her midwife career for what she thought was love. Now that she’s kicked her cheating ex to the curb, she’s transforming her long-forgotten dream into a thriving business. Amid her new patients, she manages to travel to Scotland to be a bridesmaid in her college friend’s wedding only to meet the cousin of the groom, a tall shot of whisky in a tartan glass.
Rhys Mackinnon has grown restless and is eager to find his next role in life, whatever that may be. When he meets Savannah, he’s all too happy to make that role her personal tour guide. He ends up playing boyfriend too after her ex shows up unannounced.
When the fictional relationship begins to feel real, Savannah’s torn between the fire she feels for Rhys and the passion she has for her career. No matter what she decides, someone will end up hurt, because what happens in the castle doesn’t always stay there.

What Happens in the Castle (What Happens series, #3) by Kelsey McKnight
Series: What Happens #3


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I could not put down Savannah and Rhys’ love story in What Happens in the Castle by Kelsey McKnight, book three in her What Happens series.


This is a wonderful, magical, and heartwarming story, featuring Savannah Adelson, who after years of sacrificing her career she catches her cheating fiancé to the curb and revitalizes her dream of turning her midwife practice into a thriving business.


Taking time for herself she travels to Scotland for the wedding of her college and best friend’s wedding and to help deliver another friend’s baby. Upon arrival she meets the cousin of the groom, who happens to be the man she just shared a train ride with.


Rhys Mackinnon, a handsome kilt wearing, glass of whisky, is more than happy to be Savannah’s personal tour guide. When Savannah’s ex shows up unannounced, and unexpectedly, Rhys is more than happy to play her boyfriend. What started as a fake relationship begins to feel all too real. Savannah is torn between the feeling she has Rhys and her passion for her career.


No matter what she decides, someone will get hurt. Unlike in Vegas, what happens in the castle doesn’t always stay there.


Ms. McKnight wrote a wonderful, amusing, and heartwarming story that is definitely not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters giving Savannah and Rhys a chance to take their fake relationship to another level. I highly recommend What Happens in the Castle to other readers.

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