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They want different things, but they just might need each other
Barrel racer Cheyenne Whitten returns to Wishing, Texas, after an injury, determined to recuperate and return to the rodeo circuit. But living with her over-protective mother only adds to Cheyenne’s problems. Desperate to move out and reclaim her independence, Cheyenne believes a service dog is the answer. That is, until she learns the waiting list for one is up to five years.
Having lost his fiancée two years ago, Cooper Abbott wants to run his veterinarian clinic and rebuild his life. A calm, stable, uneventful life. Then Cheyenne shows up asking for help getting a service dog, and Cooper finds he can’t refuse the feisty redhead.
Cheyenne and Cooper insist a relationship is the last thing they want. Cheyenne is focused on her health and returning to the rodeo. Cooper’s heart is still raw from loss. But it could be they’re exactly what each other needs.

To Tame a Texas Cowboy (Wishing, Texas Book 3) by Julie Benson
Series: Wishing, Texas #3
Published by Tule

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Cheyenne and Cooper’s love story in To Tame a Texas Cowboy by Julie Benson, book three in her Wishing, Texas series is emotional and enjoyable.

Cheyenne Whitten was forced to return home to Wishing, Texas after a medical condition forced her to leave barrel racing and the rodeo circuit. But being home with her over-protective mother is stressing her out. Needing to move out and regain her independence, Cheyenne decides getting a service dog is her answer; but the waiting list could take up to five years.

Cooper Abbott lose his fiancée two years ago and all he wants now is to rebuild his life and run his veterinarian clinic; living a calm, stable life. When Cheyenne learns that Cooper might be able to help her, she rushes off to find him. Cooper is gobsmacked by this gorgeous, spirited, redhead and is unable to refuse her. As it happens, Cooper had just picked up a shelter dog to test for trainability, Penny Lane, who attached herself to Cheyenne and responded to her cues. Cooper not only offers to help Cheyenne, but gives her a place to live, away from her mom, and a job. Of course, both insist that neither want a relationship as Cheyenne is focused on her health and returning to the rodeo and Cooper’s heart is still healing. However, the chemistry between them isn’t listening, as it is off the charts, pulling them together. Or maybe that’s the magnetism between them. It seems they are perfect for each other, fulfilling the other’s needs. Of course the magical wishing well in Wishing, Texas could have played a part in this love story.

Ms. Benson wrote a wonderful and emotional story that is definitely not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing character giving Cheyenne and Cooper a chance to find loved and a future together. I highly recommend To Tame a Texas Cowboy to other readers.

Reviewer: Eileen is a retired high school teacher who has loved reading all of her life and goes everywhere with a book. She enjoys reading Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Literature, YA, NA, Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Cozy Mysteries. She likes strong heroines, hot heroes and a story that draws her in, not letting go until the last page is turned. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, pup, and near her four adult children.

About Julie Benson

Julie Benson

An avid daydreamer, Julie Benson doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating stories. After graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Sociology, she worked as case manager for a social services agency before having her children. Three boys, and many years later, she started actively pursuing a writing career to challenge her mind and save her sanity. Now she writes full time in Dallas, where she lives with her husband, their three sons, two lovable black dogs, a mischievous brown one and a turtle. Julie says, while her house is never quiet or predictable, it is full of heroes.

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