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THE TYCOON by Melissa McClone

A brooding CEO, a loving dog handler, and a grandmother with a plan....
Tender-hearted Becca Taylor wants to put the past behind her and start fresh. Thanks to her new job caring for the dogs of a very wealthy family, she can do just that. When the feisty matriarch asks her to join in a business venture, Becca believes her goals are within reach. Now, all she has to do is convince her partner's grandson that their plan is solid. Too bad he hates her on sight.
Caleb Fairchild will do anything to keep his heart and his family safe—which is why the beautiful Becca must go. Her eagerness to help his grandmother is suspicious, and he's determined to get to the bottom of her motives. However, when the truth surfaces about Becca's past, Caleb fears he may have misjudged her.
Despite being stark opposites, Becca and Caleb's attraction grows. Unfortunately, Caleb's lack of trust keeps getting in the way. Can they overcome their obstacles or will the past keep them from having all of their dreams come true?

The Tycoon: An Opposites Attract Romance (A Keeper Series, 6) by Melissa McClone
Series: Keepers #6
on September 11, 2020

Genres: 1 Flame- Sweet Hallmark-ish, Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance

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THE TYCOON by Melissa McClone

Eileen's Thoughts

Becca and Caleb’s story in The Tycoon is a fun, heartwarming, sweet romance by Melissa McClone, book six in her A Keeper series.


Becca Taylor loves her new job and working with the wealthy and feisty matriarch, Gertie, is the first opportunity she has been given in attempt to put her past behind her. She believes her goals are within reach, only now she has to convince Gertie’s grandson that she’s not out to hurt or steal from her. Sweet and compassionate, Becca is there to help with the show dogs and establishing a dog-care line of products.


Caleb Fairchild believes it is his responsibility to keep his family safe and his heart closed off to gold-diggers; forcing him to believe the worse about Becca. It doesn’t take long for Caleb to realize that he misjudged her. Becca and Caleb are totally opposites but that doesn’t stop the attraction or chemistry building between them. Gertie doesn’t help the cause by playing matchmaker and pushing these two together; declaring Becca a keeper. It will take Caleb getting out of his head before he can trust Becca, which she deserves more than anything, and allow for them to have a future together.


Ms. McClone wrote a wonderfully sweet and moving story that is not to be missed. This story contains sizzling chemistry, romantic dates, fun dialogue, the magic of love, charming characters and wonderful dogs giving Becca and Caleb a chance at love, happiness, and future I highly recommend The Tycoon to other readers and look forward to the next book in this series.



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Excerpt of THE TYCOON by Melissa McClone

The sun’s rays warmed Becca Taylor’s cheeks. The sweet scent of roses floated on the air. She walked across the manicured lawn in Gertie’s backyard with Maurice, a Norwegian elkhound, and Snowy, a bichon frise.

The show dogs sniffed the ground, looking for any dropped treats or a place to do their business.

She tucked her cell phone into her shorts pocket. “Don’t get sidetracked, boys. Gertie is waiting for us on the patio.”

Becca had no idea what her boss wanted. She didn’t care.

Gertie had rescued Becca the same way she’d rescued the foster dogs living at the estate. This was only a temporary stopping place, but being here gave them hope of finding a forever home. Becca had a similar hope for herself.

Maurice’s ears perked.

“Do you hear Gertie?”

The two dogs ran toward the patio.

Becca quickened her pace. She rounded a corner.

Gertie and a man sat at the teak table underneath the shade of the umbrella. Five dogs vied for attention, paws pounding on the pavement. Gertie waved.

The man next to her turned around.

Whoa. Hello, Mr. Gorgeous.

Tingles skittered from Becca’s stomach to her fingertips.

None of the dogs growled or barked at the guy—points in his favor. Dogs were the best judges of character, much better than her.

She walked onto the patio.

He stood.

Another wave of tingles made the rounds.

Most guys she knew didn’t stand. Didn’t open doors. Didn’t leave the toilet seat down. Someone had raised this man right.

He was attractive with classical features—high cheekbones, straight nose, strong jawline. The kind of handsome that women showed off to girlfriends.

The man stepped away from the table, angling his body toward her. His tailored navy pinstriped suit accentuated broad shoulders and tapered nicely at the hips. He moved with the grace of an athlete.

Very nice packaging.

Well, except for his hair.

His short, cookie-cutter, corporate hairstyle was typical of men walking out of every high-rise in downtown Boise. With such a gorgeous face, the man’s light brown hair should be longer, a little mussed, sexy, and carefree, instead of something so…businesslike.

Not that his hair mattered to Becca. Or anything else about him.

His top-of-the-line suit shouted one thing—Best in Show.

She might be a dog handler, but she didn’t handle his type.

They didn’t belong in the same ring. He was a champion with an endless pedigree while she was a mutt without a collar.

She’d tried playing with the top dogs, the wealthy dogs, once before and landed in the doghouse, aka jail.

Never again.

But just looking never hurt anybody.

Gertie glanced up from the dogs. “Becca. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

He was tall, over six feet. The top of her head came to the tip of his nose.

Becca took two steps closer. “Hello.”

His green eyes reminded her of jade, a bit cool for her taste, but hey, no one was perfect. His eyelashes more than made up for whatever reserve reflected in his gaze. If she had thick, dark lashes like his, she would never need to buy mascara again.

She wiped her hand on her shorts and then extended her arm. “I’m Becca Taylor.”

His grip was firm, his skin warm.

A burst of heat shot up her hand and pulsed through her veins.

“Caleb Fairchild.” His deep voice reminded her of melted dark chocolate, rich and smooth and tasty.

Wait a minute. Fairchild. That meant he was…

“My grandson,” Gertie said.

The man who would make Becca’s dream of working as a full-time dog handler come true. If the dog products sold as well as Gertie expected, Becca would have the means to travel the dog show circuit without needing to work extra part-time jobs to cover living expenses.

Caleb Fairchild.

She couldn’t believe he was here. That had to mean good news.

Uh-oh. Ogling him was the last thing she should be doing. He was the CEO of Fair Face and wealthy. Wealthy, as in she could win the lottery twice and not come close to his net worth.

“Nice to meet you.” Becca was still holding his hand. Oops. She released it. “Gertie’s told me lots about you.”

Caleb’s gaze slid over her as if he’d reviewed the evidence, passed judgment, and sentenced her to the not-worth-his-time crowd. “I haven’t heard about you until today.”

His formal demeanor made Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy seem downright provincial. No doubt, Mr. Fairchild thought he was too good for her.

He might be.

But she wouldn’t let it bother her.

Her career was not only at stake, but also in his hands.

“Tell me about yourself,” he said.

His stiff tone irritated her like a flea infestation in the middle of winter. But she wouldn’t allow her annoyance to show.

She met his gaze straight on, making sure she didn’t blink or appear weak. “I’m a dog person.”

“I thought you were a consultant.”

A what? Becca struggled for something to say and came up empty. Still, she had to try. “I…I—”

“Becca is a dog consultant,” Gertie said. “She’s a true dog whisperer. Her veterinary knowledge has been invaluable for product development. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

If Becca wasn’t already indebted to Gertie Fairchild, she was now.

Gertie shot a pointed look at Caleb. “Perhaps if you dropped by more often, you’d know what’s going on.”

Caleb’s smile directed at his grandmother redefined the word charming.

Not that Becca was about to be charmed. The dogs might like him, but she was reserving judgment.

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About Melissa McClone

USA Today Bestselling author Melissa McClone has written over forty-five novels. With a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, she worked for a major airline where she traveled the globe and met her husband. But analyzing jet engine performance couldn’t compete with her love of writing happily ever afters. Melissa lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, a spoiled Norwegian Elkhound, and cats who think they rule the house. They do!

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