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Sue thoughts

The Stopover by TL Swan is the first book in The Miles High Club series.

As Emily Foster is leaving London to fly back to the states after a wedding, an altercation happens that results in her ticket being upgraded to 1st class.  Imagine her surprise when she is seated next to a gorgeous man with perfect, blue eyes, named Jim.  All during the flight Emily is having fun flirting with Jim and when their flight is diverted to Boston instead of New York because of weather, they continue the fun up until the next morning.  After a night of fun Emily will never forget, they part ways.

One year later, Emily has moved from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY to start a new job at her dream company, Miles Media.  Imagine Emily’s surprise when she is introduced to the company’s CEO, Jameson Miles, and staring back at her are the same perfect, blue eyes she met one year ago!  Jameson hasn’t forgotten about Emily and wants to see her.  She turns him down wanting to stay professional.  Of course this begins their little game of cat and mouse…..and Jameson always ends up getting what he wants.

Just when it looks like Emily and Jameson are headed for a happy ending, things from his past come crashing back in to cause all kinds of problems.  It will take a huge leap of faith for Emily and Jameson to get past this big hurdle but it will all be worth it for their perfect happy ending.

I just adored Emily and Jameson in The Takeover.  I imagine it would be hard to be a CEO of a huge media company and especially being the oldest son, it adds even more pressure.  I think it was refreshing to be just “Jim” when he was with Emily.  I really liked Emily.  She was smart and didn’t take any crap from Jameson.  Together they balanced each other out well.  This was a great start to what looks like a fun series.


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Reviewer:  Sue is a retired IT Computer Programmer who loves to read just about any type of romance….Contemporary, Historical, Comedy,  or Suspense.  She tends to like sassy heroines and hot alpha heroes (although the occasional nerds are fun too!) with lots of fun witty banter.  She lives in a small suburb of Cleveland, OH with her almost perfect husband.  She has three adult daughters who all live nearby, with the oldest being married.


About T.L. Swan

T.L. Swan ~ Originally from Sydney, I now reside in a dreamy beachside town on the South Coast of Australia with my hunk of a hubby, our three children and a menagerie of spoilt pets.

I love Margaritas, Chocolate and a swoony good book with a strong storyline. With a background in Mental Health, I write characters that you want to be friends with, strong alphas to fall in love with and witty women you want to be.

When I’m not writing you will find me in a cafe drinking coffee and eating cake.

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About TL Swan

Having worked in mental health in her former life, T L Swan is now seriously addicted to the thrill of writing and can’t imagine a time when she wasn’t. She resides in Sydney, Australia, where she’s living out her own happily ever after with her husband and their three children.

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