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THE BACHELOR by Sabrina Jeffries

THE BACHELOR by Sabrina Jeffries

New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries features an irresistible family in a series to savor, as the grown children of a thrice-married dowager duchess piece together the stories of their fathers--while pursuing passions of their own . . .
Lady Gwyn Drake has long protected her family's reputation by hiding an imprudent affair from her youth. But when her former suitor appears at Armitage Hall, manhandling the heiress and threatening to go public with her secrets, it's Gwyn who needs protecting. Her twin brother, Thorn, hires Joshua Wolfe, the estate's gamekeeper, to keep her safe in London during her debut. As a war hero, Joshua feels obligated to fulfill the assignment he has accepted. But as a man, it's torment to be so very close to the beauty he's fought to ignore . . .
With handsome Joshua monitoring her every move, Gwyn would prefer to forget both the past and the parade of money-seeking bachelors at her coming out. But Joshua is unmoved by her attempts at flirtation, and the threat of blackmail still hangs over her. With danger closing in, Gwyn must decide which is the greater risk: deflecting a scoundrel's attempts to sabotage her--or revealing her whole heart to the rugged bodyguard she can't resist . . .

The Bachelor (Duke Dynasty, #2) by Sabrina Jeffries
on 02/25/2020

Genres: Historical Romance

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I received a complimentary ARC from Kensington Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Lady Gwyn Drake thought when she was young that Lionel Malet was in love with her and wanted to get married but she quickly learned that her twin brother, Thorn, the Duke of Thornstock turned him down. Now , ten years later Malet was back in Gwyn’s life trying to bribe her about their time together. When Thorn is concerned for Gwen’s safety as she is about to make her debut, he decides to hire Joshua Wolfe, the estate’s gamekeeper to be her personal bodyguard. Joshua was a Major in the Navy and is quite capable of protecting Gwyn even with his disability.

The more time Gwyn and Joshua spend together, the more the sparks start to fly. Joshua likes the spitfire that Gwyn is but he doesn’t feel he is worthy of such a lady. Too bad Gwyn has other ideas! It will take a lot for these two strong minded individuals to realize that they are perfect for each other, even with all their flaws and questionable pasts.

I just adored this story! I loved Gwyn! I loved her forward way of thinking about how woman should be able to behave. I really enjoyed Joshua too. He is such a loyal and honest person and he really deserves the world. Great new addition to this series!

Reviewer:  Sue is a retired IT Computer Programmer who loves to read just about any type of romance….Contemporary, Historical, Comedy,  or Suspense.  She tends to like sassy heroines and hot alpha heroes (although the occasional nerds are fun too!) with lots of fun witty banter.  She lives in a small suburb of Cleveland, OH with her almost perfect husband.  She has three adult daughters who all live nearby, with the oldest being married.

About Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 novels and works of short fiction (some written under the pseudonyms Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas).

At home in front of a crowd, Jeffries is a sought-after speaker, as evidenced by her 2010 gig as emcee for the National Romance Writers of America’s 30th Anniversary Awards Ceremony.

Whatever time not spent speaking to organizations around the country or writing in a coffee-fueled haze is spent traveling with her husband and adult autistic son or indulging in one of her passions—jigsaw puzzles, chocolate, and music.

With over 9 million books in print in more than 20 languages, the North Carolina author never regrets tossing aside a budding career in academics (she has a Ph.D. in English literature) for the sheer joy of writing fun fiction, and hopes that one day a book of hers will end up saving the world.

She always dreams big. 

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