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Swoony Excerpt & Review of KISS ME LADY ONE MORE TIME by Deb Marlowe

Series: A Series of Unconventional Courtships #3
Published by Deb Marlowe on 28 September 2020

Genres: 2 Flames- PG Closed Doors, Historical Romance

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Sue thoughts

Kiss Me Lady One More Time by Deb Marlowe is the third book in the Series of Unconventional Courtships series.

When Mr. Barrett Sterne gets knocked out on the head while guarding his friend Lord Tensford’s fossil specimen, he is determined to find the stolen item. Sterne may have been a bit distracted since he was just talking with Miss Penelope Munroe. Sterne may be too busy with his studies to find a wife but he will not let one of his best friends down, even if he can’t seem to forget about Penelope.

Penelope thinks she may have finally found the perfect man to marry…..Sterne! They both share the same love for the sciences so now she just needs to convince him. Penelope gets the idea to insert herself into the task of finding the missing fossil so she can spend more time with Sterne. The more time Penelope and Sterne spend together, the more obvious that their match is perfect but because of things from Sterne’s past, it will take a lot for him to realize this. As the mystery behind the missing fossil comes to an exciting conclusion, Sterne finally realizes that Penelope is the perfect wife for him!

Overall, I enjoyed this story. I really enjoyed how Penelope and Sterne were not just people of the ton, but both involved in science. It was fun learning little tidbits about things that I didn’t know. I did enjoy the mystery and its final conclusion.


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Excerpt of KISS ME LADY ONE MORE TIME by Deb Marlowe

“Let’s give them a bit of privacy,” she whispered as she drew close. He stared down at her until she nudged him. “Mr. Sterne? Can we take a stroll in the passage outside, perhaps?”
“What? Oh, yes.” He glanced toward Tensford, who was leaning perilously close to his wife, and wrenched the door open. Closing it in a gentler fashion, he offered Miss Monroe his arm and steered her away from the stairwell and towards the tall window at the end of the corridor.

The view was of the street below. He peered down. “Has the carriage arrived? We left it behind when it was blocked by an accident in the street. There was no keeping Tensford inside, sitting still.”

He glanced over and saw she was staring at him, rather than the view.
He turned to face her. For a moment, as the street noise faded and the homely sounds of Mrs. Lewis sweeping the downstairs entry hall disappeared, they were alone together, caught in a bubble of perfect of awareness.
He couldn’t stop looking at her mouth. That smaller top lip, out of balance, but perched so perfectly on the lower, plumper lip . . . if he kissed just the top, felt that petal softness, caressed it with his own mouth . . . would it swell a little? Make a more even pairing?

“Do you know,” she said absently. “I think if I had a right-angle square, I could use your nose as the hypotenuse of a triangle.”

“What?” He touched his nose. “Yes, well, I suppose it is rather long and—”

“Splendid,” she interrupted, her gaze still focused intently. “It is straight and strong and rather . . . perfect.” She blinked suddenly and her gaze darted away. “For your face, I meant, of course. Wonderfully proportionate.”

“Thank you. I think.”

Her eyes widened and she took a step back. “Oh, I do apologize.” Her shoulders slumped a little. “My first day in Town and I’ve done it already.”

“Done? Done what?”

“What my mother warned me I must not. I have a habit of going off inside my head at times, usually when I’m making a discovery, connecting things for the first time, or obsessing over something.” She ducked her head. “I daresay you don’t know what I mean.”

“I do, though.” He stared at her mouth again as her head rose slowly.

“I tend to just blurt out what I’m thinking, when I get in such a state,” she said on nearly a whisper. “My mother swears it will get me in trouble in Society.”

He should stop. Stop staring. Stop noting the increased shallowness of her breathing. Stop wanting a girl who was not meant for him. “Perhaps, then, we should focus our thoughts away from noses and lips and—”

He froze. Devil take it.

“Lips?” she asked. Then she flushed a glorious, rosy red and turned away, her fingers rising to lightly touch her mouth.

He nearly shook his head at his own inept blunder.

He didn’t, though. He reached for her and kissed her, instead.

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