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Someone to Romance is book 7 in Mary Balogh’s Wescott series.

If you are a first time reader of the Westcott series you may be overwhelmed by the vast variety of family connections, but the family tree in the front of the book is helpful. It will also perhaps compel you to read the entire series, which I would recommend since the books are well written and enjoyable to read. After getting past the family who’s who, you dive into Jessica and Gabriel’s story.

Lady Jessica Archer decides this is her year to get married and get on with her life.


Gabriel Thorne left behind a wonderful life in Boston.  He has recently come home to England to make right a family situation that he’s neglected for too long and to clear his name.  He realizes a wife, especially one as refined and connected as Lady Jessica Archer, would help him in these tasks.  He decides upon seeing her in passing at a roadside inn that he will marry her.


When they meet again in London she is taken aback by his boldly stated intention that he will marry her.  Jessica is determined that she wants to be romanced, to find the love all her married relatives have.  She is concerned he is only seeing Lady Jessica, daughter and sister of a duke, not just Jessica.  As he muddles his way through just what romancing entails, we see two innately decent people trying to find love and a place to belong.


I have seen others comment on the slowness of Balogh’s writing style.  After reading other romance books that are banter and action packed with love occurring quickly, it is nice to take a break and slow down and see these stories develop slowly.  See the relationship and love develop over time.  To exist in the slower pace of life in the early 1800s.


Someone recently asked why I continue with this series.  My answer is I have become invested in these characters.  And since they reoccur in subsequent books, you get to catch up and see how the characters have grown and developed over time.  It can be like attending a family reunion each time a new book is published.


The other books in the Westcott series or as I like to call them, The Someone to… series.

1-Someone to Love, the Westcott family is tested and will forever be changed by the secret the late Earl of Riverdale took to his grave.  This is essential reading as the secret affects everyone’s life from this book forward.  Anna and Avery’s story.

2-Someone to Hold, Camile and Joel’s story.

3-Someone to Wed, the Beauty and the Beast trope is turned on its head since this time it is the woman who is disfigured.    Wren and Alexander’s story.

4-Someone to Care, a “seasoned romance”.  Viola and Marcel’s second chance romance story.

5-Someone to Trust, Elizabeth and Colin’s story.  There is an age gap, he is 9 years younger than her.  This was the story I was most looking forward to because Elizabeth is a character I had grown to care about as she has been kind and supportive of all the members of her immediate and extended families throughout this series.

6-Someone to Honor, Abigail and Gil’s story.

6.5-Someone to Remember, is Matilda and Charles’s story.  Another “seasoned romance”.  Matilda is in her fifties and has a second chance romance.  Balogh does a great job taking a character that seemed in earlier books to be cartoonish and easily dismissed and created a heroine you could find yourself rooting for.


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Reviewer: Christy is a school librarian in Central Ohio who loves books and those who read them.  Julia’s Quinn’s The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband was her introduction to smart romance.  She enjoys historical and contemporary romances with intelligent, capable, and sassy women.  She also enjoys mysteries and thrillers along with children’s literature.  Her husband and young daughter are both avid readers.  They live with three rescue cats who are living their HEA all day, every day on the lap of a reader. You can follow Christy on Instagram.


About Mary Balogh

Mary Balogh grew up in Wales and now lives with her husband, Robert, in Saskatchewan, Canada. She has written more than one hundred historical novels and novellas, more than thirty of which have been New York Times bestsellers. They include the Bedwyn saga, the Simply quartet, the Huxtable quintet, the seven-part Survivors’ Club series, and the Westcott series.

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