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Sergeant’s Christmas Siege by Megan Crane

Sargeant’s Christmas Seige by Megan Crane
Sergeant’s Christmas Siege by Megan Crane

Danger lurks in the wilds of Grizzly Harbor this Christmas but it's love that has Alaska Force in the cross-hairs, from the USA Today bestselling author of Sniper's Pride.
When straight-arrow, by-the-rules Alaskan State Trooper Kate Holiday is sent to investigate a local band of secretive commandos in remote Grizzly Harbor over the holidays, her least favorite time of year, her objective is clear: disband Alaska Force and arrest them. But Kate didn't count on the diabolical temptation of Templeton Cross. The former Army Ranger exudes charm and has absolutely no respect for the rules of law that govern Kate's life - too bad he also makes her mouth water and her knees weak.
Templeton has always been good at keeping his game face on and his emotions hidden, especially in combat. But working with Kate brings back memories of losses he prefers to keep locked up tight. As the pressure mounts - and Christmas draws closer - it’s a given that someone's going to get hurt.
Trouble is, the more time he spends convincing his careful, wary trooper that there’s more to the holidays than her memories, the more he wants to keep her around. Forever.
But forever is the one thing a man like Templeton can't do. Not even at Christmas.

Sergeant's Christmas Siege (Alaska Force, #3) by Megan Crane
Series: An Alaska Force Novel #3
Published by Berkley on 10/29/2019

Genres: 2 Flames- PG Closed Doors, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
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I received a complimentary ARC from Berkley in exchange for an honest review.

Eileen’s Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Templeton and Kate’s suspenseful story in Sergeant’s Christmas Siege by Megan Crane, book three in her Alaska Force series. Alaskan State Trooper Kate Holiday has been sent to Grizzly Harbor over the holidays, Kate’s least favorite time of the year, assigned to investigate, disband and arrest Alaska Force. This is after a number of fires have popped up around the state, usually in storage units owned by Alaska Force, and some unexplained boat explosions. Former Army Ranger Templeton knows how to charm while hiding his emotions, especially in combat. From the start, Kate and Templeton rub each other wrong yet their magnetism and attraction is still strong. One could light the winter Alaskan skies with the electricity that arcs between them. Yet, there is so much more to this story than sexual attraction.

Kate is a product of her upbringing, never having interacted with anyone outside her family before fleeing their compound. She is a by-the-book State Trooper who only believes in good and bad, law followers and law breakers, things being black or white. She’s a very strong person, rigid and stand-offish; who others find difficult to warm up to. Templeton is perfect for her. He is able to make her laugh with his dark humor, pull out her vulnerability and hidden qualities while being respectful of her law enforcement abilities. He was also protective of her while not trying to overstep her authority or weaken her power. Kate and Templeton both carry a lot of emotional baggage; much of which is dealt with while dealing with the mystery and danger surrounding them on their journey to find the truth.

Ms. Crane wrote an intense, emotional and exciting romantic suspense that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, suspense, a dysfunctional family, heartfelt, and endearing characters giving Kate and Templeton a chance at love, happiness, and a future neither expected. The suspense element in this story kept me guessing and the vivid descriptions of the Alaskan winter was the perfect background for the events to play out. I highly recommend Sergeant’s Christmas Siege and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book in the Alaska Force series.

Excerpt of Sergeant’s Christmas Siege

Sergeant's Christmas Siege by Megan Crane

“You can call me Trooper Holiday,” Kate corrected him.

“I apologize.” Though Templeton Cross did not look apologetic. “We keep it pretty informal around here. It helps remind us we’re not active duty anymore. Trooper Holiday.”

And there was . . . something else in the way he said that. It shivered all the way down the length of her back. Kate sat taller, but the glint in his dark eyes told her he knew why.

When he couldn’t. Of course he couldn’t.

“Let’s get back to this latest incident two nights ago. I’m assuming you know the details.”

“I know the details because I know a thing or two about explosives,” Templeton said, which was agreeing without incriminating himself, as Kate was certain he knew. “And I tend to take a dim view of them being used in the place where I live. Call it a weird preference of mine if you want. So, yeah, I’m aware that some joker blew up a boat. Until your office called us, we figured it was the usual drunk nonsense. Because, let’s face it, out here it usually is.”

“Was it drunk nonsense that knocked your friend Rory on the head and left him tied up for a few hours last spring?”

“My recollection is that he fell.”

“That’s not even a good lie. A man like you can do better. I’m sure of it.”

“First, how can a recollection be a lie? You know what memories are like. So unreliable. And second, what do you mean by a man like me?”

Kate smiled. “This whole performance. Swaggering in late. Lounging around like you don’t have a care in the world. I understand why Alaska Force picked you to be their ambassador. You seem so friendly. So approachable, until a person realizes that it’s all a show. And I saw your face when you walked in the door. Before you started smiling so much. I think that’s probably a whole lot closer to the real Templeton Cross.”

She didn’t know when the tension between them had gotten so thick, but she didn’t do anything to break it. She waited, her gaze steady on his, to see what he would do.

To see who he was.

“I’m pretty sure there’s only one Templeton Cross,” he said after a beat, his voice a deep, amused rumble. “I don’t keep extra ones in a jar by the door.” He tapped a lazy finger on the table between them. Kate figured he was reminding her of his intense physicality, the way men often did. Though she didn’t usually feel it inside her, as if he’d stroked her with that finger. “Life isn’t a Beatles song, you know.”

“I read your military file, and what wasn’t classified made it pretty clear that you’re one of the most dangerous men alive today. And what I have to ask myself is why a man with your background would spend so much time trying to convince me that he’s a tabby cat.”

“A tabby cat? I can tell you with one hundred percent honesty that I have never attempted to act like a tabby cat in my entire life.”

“You’re only making this worse for yourself,” Kate said softly. “You’re making me wonder what you’re trying to hide. And when  I start wondering about things, it tends to lead to investigations. And those investigations tend to lead to convictions. Incarcerations. You get where I’m going with this.”

“I can’t say I’m a big fan of cages. Or courtrooms.”

“Then I suggest you help me.”

“I’m nothing if not helpful.” His gaze got significantly more intense when he stopped smiling. “How about this? Alaska Force is being framed.”

An Alaska Force Novel (3 Book Series)



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    About Megan Crane

    Megan Crane

    USA Today bestselling, RITA-nominated, and critically-acclaimed author Megan Crane has written more than ninety-five books – and counting. She’s won fans with her romance, women’s fiction, chick lit, and work-for-hire young adult novels as well as with the Harlequin Presents, Harlequin Dare, and contemporary cowboy books she writes as Caitlin Crews. She loves contemporary romance in all its forms, from cowboys to military heroes and beyond – including her take on futuristic Vikings, outlaw bikers, and fairy tale princes. She has a Masters and Ph.D. in English Literature, has taught creative writing classes in places like UCLA Extension’s prestigious Writers’ Program, and is always available to give workshops (or her opinion). She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her comic book artist husband, though, at any given time, she is likely to either be huddled in a coffee shop somewhere or off traveling the world. Preferably both.

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