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4 Passionate Stars for SAY YES TO THE DUKE by Eloisa James

Say Yes To The Duke by Eloisa James

A shy wallflower meets her dream man—or does she?—in the next book in New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James' Wildes of Lindow series.
Miss Viola Astley is so painfully shy that she’s horrified by the mere idea of dancing with a stranger; her upcoming London debut feels like a nightmare.

So she’s overjoyed to meet handsome, quiet vicar with no interest in polite society — but just when she catches his attention, her reputation is compromised by a duke.
Devin Lucas Augustus Elstan, Duke of Wynter, will stop at nothing to marry Viola, including marrying a woman whom he believes to be in love with another man.
A vicar, no less.

Devin knows he’s no saint, but he’s used to conquest, and he’s determined to win Viola’s heart.

Viola has already said Yes to his proposal, but now he wants her unruly heart…and he won’t accept No for an answer.

Say Yes to the Duke (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #5) by Eloisa James
Series: The Wildes of Lindow Castle #5
Published by Avon on 05/19/2020

Genres: Historical Romance

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Say Yes To the Duke by Eloisa James

Karen's Thoughts

Say Yes To the Duke by Eloisa James is book #5 of the Wilde series.


Viola Astley, the beloved stepdaughter of the Duke of Wilde, has her eyes on this handsome vicar, but Devin Elstan, Duke of Wynter, will stop at nothing to marry Viola.


Their romance journey is full of witty banter and wonderful characters. We watch Devin overcomes his troubled childhood and fears of being unstable like his father while Viola deals with the feelings of unworthiness in the Wilde clan.


Eloisa James delivers engaging, witty dialogues between her characters. Say Yes to the Duke is on fire with passion, stolen kisses, and a blasphemous theatrical performance.


Say Yes To The Duke by Eloisa James GraphicAvailable Now!


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About Eloisa James

Eloisa James

After graduating from Harvard University, Eloisa James got an M.Phil. from Oxford University, a Ph.D. from Yale and eventually became a Shakespeare professor, publishing an academic book with Oxford University Press. Her “double life” is a source of fascination to the media and her readers. In her professorial guise, she’s written a New York Times op-ed defending romance, as well as articles published everywhere from women’s magazines such as More to writers’ journals such as the Romance Writers’ Report.

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