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4 Meg-Ryan Stars for NOT LIKE THE MOVIES by Kerry Winfrey

Not Like in The Movies by Kerry WInfrey

What happens when your life is a rom-com...but you don't even believe in true love?
Chloe Sanderson is an optimist, and not because her life is easy. As the sole caregiver for her father, who has early onset Alzheimer's, she's pretty much responsible for everything. She has no time—or interest—in getting swept up in some dazzling romance. Not like her best friend Annie, who literally wrote a rom-com that's about to premiere in theaters across America...and happens to be inspired by Chloe and Nick Velez, Chloe's cute but no-nonsense boss.
As the buzz for the movie grows, Chloe reads one too many listicles about why Nick is the perfect man, and now she can't see him as anything but Reason #2: The Scruffy-Bearded Hunk Who's Always There When You Need Him. But unlike the romance Annie has written for them, Chloe isn't so sure her own story will end in a Happily Ever After.

Not Like the Movies (Waiting for Tom Hanks, #2) by Kerry Winfrey
Published by Berkley on July 7, 2020

Genres: Contemporary Romance

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I received a complimentary ARC from Edelweiss + in exchange for an honest review.


NOT LIKE THE MOVIES by Kerry Winfrey

Christy's Thoughts

Not Like the Movies, the 2nd book from Kerry Winfrey’s Waiting for Tom Hanks series.

I liked this book even better than the first one, Waiting for Tom Hanks. I don’t know if this is because of Kerry Winfrey’s development as a writer in this series or because I connected with these characters more.

What Winfrey does exceptionally well is dialog. When her characters speak to one another it’s as if you are right in the room with them. Their conversations are so natural and authentic. They are a joy to read.

With Not Like the Movies, Winfrey continues with rom-com references, but it’s with a lighter hand than in …Tom Hanks.

Chloe has a life of responsibility with far too many overwhelming parts and she must learn to reach out and accept help. Her infomercial on the “Revolutionary 5 Minute Cry System,” that worked great up until it didn’t, and her love of all things Target were parts of her personality I could identify with.

Nick is her boss at the coffee shop who wants to help her make changes both professionally and personally. When Chloe shuts him down, I liked that he called her on her behavior.

Always love to read about books set in the Midwest and Not Like the Movies was an enjoyable read.


Not Like in The Movies by Kerry WInfrey

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Reviewer: Christy is a school librarian in Central Ohio who loves books and those who read them.  Julia’s Quinn’s The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband was her introduction to smart romance.  She enjoys historical and contemporary romances with intelligent, capable, and sassy women.  She also enjoys mysteries and thrillers along with children’s literature.  Her husband and young daughter are both avid readers.  They live with three rescue cats who are living their HEA all day, every day on the lap of a reader. You can follow Christy on Instagram.


About Kerry Winfrey

Kerry Winfrey is the author of Love and Other Alien Experiences and Things Jolie Needs to Do Before She Bites It. She has written for many websites, including HelloGiggles. When she is not writing, she is most likely baking yet another batch of cookies or watching far, far too many romantic comedies. She lives with her husband, baby, and dog in the middle of Ohio.

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