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LLL Recommends… No Kissing Under The Boardwalk by Kate Angell

Will a first love get a second chance?
Zane Cates has fallen in love twice—once with flying, and once with
Tori Rollins, the girl who stole his heart in high school. For a brief,
shining moment, their future looked bright. Then the offer of a place at
the Air Force Academy got between Zane and his beautiful young wife,
and he found his marriage over as abruptly as a wave washing back to
sea. After taking comfort in the wide open skies, he’s ready to return
to the sunlit beach town of Barefoot William—and the woman he never
wanted to leave behind. Starting over with Tori is the plan—if only his
stubborn ex will have him . . .
A vagabond childhood left Tori
shy and withdrawn, but after her family arrived in the pretty resort
town, she made the first real friend she ever had—Zane. Opening up to
him was a risk she didn’t regret taking, but she never looked back once
she decided to end their brief marriage. Seeing him again now is a
startling shock—and an irresistible temptation. Can she let him back
into her life—and finally find joy in their love?

Eileen’s Thoughts
I loved, loved, loved Zane and Tori and their second chance story in No Kissing Under the Boardwalk by Kate Angell. This wonderful book brings the reader once again back to Barefoot William and the Cates family. Zane was the first real friend Tori ever had, since her family moved around a lot, and was able to open up to him despite knowing she was opening herself up to being hurt. Zane understood how difficult her life was and wanted to make sure she knew she was loved and had someone to lean on; but Tori was too independent, basically raising herself and taking care of her grandmother, to lean on anyone. Their love for each other and their connection was amazing. With the arrival of an acceptance letter to the Air Force Academy, Tori decided to end their brief marriage and sent Zane off to the academy. This showed me how much she truly loved Zane. When Zane retires from the service he returns permanently to Barefoot William with only one goal; to win back his ex-wife, the only woman he ever lost his heart too. It’s understandable how angry and stubborn Tori is toward Zane when he reappears, but deep down she still has feelings that she does not want to admit to. I loved how Zane got Tori to attend a counseling retreat to see if they could salvage any of their relationship. He also proved how well he knew her, breaking rules to give her peace of mind, taking walk together, even crying together. How could she not love Zane?

Ms. Angell wrote a wonderful, emotional, and sexy second chance story that is not to be missed. This story is filled with sexual chemistry, fun dialogue, and endearing characters. I totally want to retire in Barefoot William or at least winter there. This book should definitely be on everyone’s reading list. I highly recommend this book to other readers and cannot wait for the next Barefoot William/ Rogue story by Kate Angell.


Barefoot William Beach (7 Book Series)


 About Kate Angell

I live in Beautiful Naples on the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. I love the sunshine, as well as the seasonal summer thunderstorms. I’m a morning person. I enjoy brunch. I’m an animal lover and avid reader. I laugh a lot. My birthday’s in March, I’m an Aries. My favorite color is purple. My lucky number is 25. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My office has lots of plants: bamboo, Elephant Ear, and TickleMe. I buy a fresh bouquet of flowers each week. I enjoy going to the movies. Try to read a book each week. Love museums. Can make popcorn a meal. Love Starbucks. I eat Rice Krispies for the ‘snap, crackle, pop’. I spend hours at book stores. I’ve been fortunate to have the same editor throughout my career: the very innovative and savvy Alicia Condon. Authors I read outside romance: Carl Hiaasen, Stuart Woods (Stone Barrington series), and Richard Castle.


Reviewer: Eileen is a retired high school teacher who has loved reading all of her life and goes everywhere with a book. She enjoys reading Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Literature, YA, NA, Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Cozy Mysteries. She likes strong heroines, hot heroes and a story that draws her in, not letting go until the last page is turned. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, pup, and near her four adult children.


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