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Eileen says “Ms. Enoch wrote an emotionally rich and moving story transporting her readers to historical London and a peek at the Highlands. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters that are not to be missed” Full review, Q&A, plus Giveaway at the end of the post!

The first in a wickedly seductive new Scottish historical romance series from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Enoch!

“It’s time to fall in love with Suzanne Enoch.” — Lisa Kleypas

 It’s Getting Scot In Here by Suzanne Enoch

It's Getting Scot in Here cover


London socialite Amelia-Rose Baxter is nobody’s fool. Her parents may want her to catch a title, but she will never change who she is for the promise of marriage. Her husband will be a man who can appreciate her sharp mind as well as her body. A sophisticated man who loves life in London. A man who considers her his equal—and won’t try to tame her wild heart…

Rough, rugged Highlander Niall MacTaggert and his brothers know the rules: the eldest must marry or lose the ancestral estate, period. But Niall’s eldest brother just isn’t interested in the lady his mother selected. Is it because Amelia-Rose is just too. . . Free-spirited? Yes. Brazen? Aye. Surely Niall can find a way to soften up the whip-smart lass and make her the perfect match for his brother for the sake of the family.

Instead it’s Niall who tempts Amelia-Rose, despite her reservations about barbarian Highlanders. Niall finds the lass nigh irresistible as well, but he won’t make the mistake his father did in marrying an Englishwoman who doesn’t like the Highlands. Does he have what it takes to win her heart? There is only one way to find out…

Eileen’s Thoughts…

How could I not have loved Niall and Amelia-Rose’s amazing love story in It’s Getting Scot in Here by Suzanne Enoch, book one in her Wild, Wicked Highlanders series. Amelia-Rose was being asked to be someone other than her true self by her parents, trying to marry her off to a man with a title. She was nobody’s fool, nor a simpering woman who never had a thought of her own. Amelia-Rose Baxter needed a man who would treat her as his equal, not try to boss her around, telling her what she could and couldn’t do. The MacTaggert brothers learned only recently that the eldest must marry or they would lose their ancestral estate. The eldest, Coll, refused to be interested, let alone marry, any woman their mother selected for him. Niall, the youngest and the peace maker, thought he could find a way for Amelia-Rose to become the perfect match for his brother and for the sake of the family. Instead, Niall ends up being the one who Amelia-Rose is attracted to despite her concerns and fears of barbarian Highlanders. At the same time, Niall finds Amelia-Rose tempting but fears marrying an Englishwoman and having the troubles his parents had.

I loved that Amelia-Rose was strong-willed and refused to change to be the simpering, pushover that her parents wanted her to be in order to be married off to a man with a title. I was frustrated by the manner her mother treated her, being the one insisting on Amelia-Rose be married to a title, not so much caring about the man. Niall saw the true Amelia-Rose which made him a true hero in my book. He believed it was vital that he court her instead of her being sold like an animal. Despite being a Highland barbarian, Niall understood how to treat a woman better than the men being thrown at Amelia-Rose by her mother.

Ms. Enoch wrote an emotionally rich and moving story transporting her readers to historical London and a peek at the Highlands. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters that are not to be missed. I found both Niall and Amelia-Rose loveable heroes, unwilling to settle for less than each other. I highly recommend It’s Getting Scot in Here to other readers.

About Suzanne Enoch

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A native and current resident of Southern California, Suzanne Enoch loves movies almost as much as she loves books, with a special place in her heart for anything Star Wars. She has written more than forty Regency novels and historical romances, which are regularly found on the New York Times bestseller list. When she is not busily working on her next book, Suzanne likes to contemplate interesting phenomena, like how the three guppies in her aquarium became 161 guppies in five months.
Some of Suzanne’s books include Barefoot In The Dark, I’ts Getting Scot in Here, Lady Whistledown Stirkes Back and The Legend of Nimway Hall.

Q & A

1)    For those that are reading your name for the first time today, what is the main thing you’d like them to know?

Hm. Well, I’ve written somewhere around 45 Regency-set Historical romances, so if they give a Suzanne Enoch book a try and enjoy it, they’ve got a lot of binge-reading they can do. Oh, and my books will be funny, heartwarming, and will DEFINITELY have a happy ever after ending.

2)    Does your everyday life influence your writing? What inspires you to write?

Mostly, having a deadline inspired me to write. No, not really – writing is something I’ve been doing since I was a kid, and I can’t really imagine myself ever NOT writing. My family has become accustomed to me spinning backstories for random people, for imagining dialogue between two cups of coffee, etc. My great grandfather was a published author, so maybe it’s something in my DNA.

And yes, my everyday life influences me. I have two nephews, and when I write kids I always refer back to when they were the age of my characters, the way they spoke and the things in life that interested them. And I’m shameless about using bits of my actual family conversations for characters, especially the way siblings speak to each other (I have two younger sisters, and we’re still very close.)

3)    Congratulations on your new book, It’s Getting Scot in Here. Please tell me a bit about it.

IT’S GETTING SCOT IN HERE is the first book in my Wild, Wicked Highlanders series. When an English lady with a great deal of money falls for a poor Scottish lord, they marry ten days later and he sweeps her off to the Highlands – where she finds a lot of sheep and no Society. She tolerates it for 12 years and three sons, but when she has a daughter she refuses to let baby Eloise be raised in such rough country. She and the baby leave for London when her husband won’t allow her to take her sons. Seventeen years later, Eloise is engaged, and Lady Aldriss plays her hand – she controls the purse strings, and unless her three sons marry before Eloise, and wed English women, she will cut off the entire Aldriss estate.

The three MacTaggert brothers reluctantly travel down to London, to discover that the oldest brother, Coll, Lord Glendarril, already has a lady chosen for him by their mother. Coll is not pleased, and at the first opportunity picks a fight with Amelia-Rose Baxter and then stomps off. It’s his youngest brother, Niall, who steps into keep Amelia-Rose from scandal, and then becomes Coll’s stand-in, escorting the lass about London. Niall slowly realizes he wants Amelia-Rose for himself, and that she feels the same about him. The problems – Amelia-Rose’s title-mad mother, the young lady’s own determination to live in London, Niall’s loyalty to his brother and concern for the funding of the Aldriss estate, all lead to big trouble and a nearly unsurmountable dilemma.


4)    Do you have a favourite quote from It’s Getting Scot in Here?

I do! It’s actually a short exchange between Niall and his sister Eloise:

“There you are, Niall,” Eloise said from the doorway behind him. “Mama asked – Oh!”

Niall looked from his sister’s startled face to Aden’s bare arse as his brother searched for clothes. Aden straightened, grinned at her, and went back to his task. With a sigh Niall stepped between them, heading for the door. “Ye’ve just allowed several arses to move into yer house, Eloise. I reckon ye’re bound to catch sight of one or more of ‘em from time to time.” Nudging her backward into the hallway, he shut the door behind him.


5)    I read on your website that you wrote romantic fantasy after graduating university. Would you ever return to writing romantic fantasy?

Oh, I would LOVE to write more romantic fantasy. It’s a matter of scheduling and mostly time, though. I still pull my two completed fantasy novels out from time to time and look at them, marveling at how much revising I would need to do now. They’re good plot-wise, but I’ve learned a great deal in 25 years of writing, and some of it makes me cringe. They’re a good reminder that the more you write, the better you get at it. Maybe some day everyone will get to read BLOODFEUD or THE THIEVES OF ALBANAAR (though those will NOT be their titles, for crying out loud).


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