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How To Post a Book Review on Amazon

I’m better with pictures than words. So here are some images that will show you step by step how to leave book reviews on Amazon.

I assume you have an Amazon account. If not, you can easily sign up and open one here, then come back to this post.


1- Sign in to your Amazon account. Find the “Hello, Sign in” Account’s & Lists (top right)

2- Go to the search bar in Amazon and type the book title you wish to review.

3- Once you see the book cover, under the Title and Author’s name you will find the star ratings. Click on it.  A drop down menu with ratings from 5 stars to 1 star will appear and at the very bottom it should say “See all xxx reviews” Click on that.

4- You will now be on the “Customer reviews” page. Next to the star ratings graph you will see a gray box or words that say “Write a review” Click on it.

5- Now you will see:

  • Book and title
  • Overall rating
  • Add a photo  or video. (If you know how to do this, great! If not, skip it.)
  • Add a headline
  • Write your review
  • Submit

I’ve included guidelines in this image:

That’s it!

See how easy that was?

(These images were taken with my mobile phone. If you have any questions or need help following these instructions using another device, leave a comment, or email me at [email protected] I’ll be glad to help!)

Now you can post your first review. Give it a try!

Oh, you don’t know how to write a book review? Don’t worry! I have some quick and easy  tips to show you right here.

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