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5 Wicked Stars for HER WICKED MARQUESS by Lisa Torquay

Can there ever be real love between a powerful lord and the actress he took as a mistress?
A year ago, Hester Green's fascination with Lord Worcester led her to accept his proposition to be his mistress, her first foray into the delights of the bedroom. And what delights! Every time they spent the night together, he made her even more addicted to his prowess. But now the gossipmongers are abuzz with his impending betrothal to a duke's daughter. That is too much to swallow, and she severs their liaison even though it wrenches her insides to do so.
Drake, the Marquess of Worcester, has no intention of bending to his mother's manipulation. Even less marry the girl the dowager spread rumors as being his intended. And he has zero intention to allow it to damage a perfectly convenient arrangement with the woman he can't get enough of. But Hester moves out of the house he bought her—and out of his life. He'll find ways to keep her close, though the woman is revealing to be more of a rebel and less of the meek mistress she once was.

Her Wicked Marquess: Imperious Lords 4 by Lisa Torquay
Series: Imperious Lords #4
Published by Self Published
Genres: 3 Flames: Rated R, Historical Romance

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Sue thoughts

Her Wicked Marquess by Lisa Torquay is the fourth book in the Imperious Lords series.

Hester Green is an actress and had agreed one year ago to be Drake, the Marquess of Worcester’s mistress.  Now that rumors of Lord Drake’s impending betrothal are being whispered about, Hester decides to cut things off with him.  Sure, she may enjoy their bedroom escapades, but she will not kept.  Surprisingly, Lord Drake has no interest in getting married just yet, but his mother is trying to push the issue with the right type of woman.

As Drake tries to make Hester see that he is not getting engaged, he comes up with a fun way to force her to spend more time with him.  Of course as they spend more time together, all those feelings start showing again and they are quickly back to where they were.  When Hester’s life is threatened, Drake has to convince her that she belongs with him all the time.  In a perfect, over the top way, Lord Drake shows Hester just how great they are together.

I really enjoyed this story.  Hester may be just an actress and not part of the ton, but she is proud.  She believes that she should be able to do anything that she wants.  Luckily, Lord Drake agrees with her and he is willing to let her do things that are usually frowned upon by the ton.  Together they have a great relationship.  It was fun watching these two go against the grain to find their own happiness.


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Reviewer:  Sue is a retired IT Computer Programmer who loves to read just about any type of romance….Contemporary, Historical, Comedy,  or Suspense.  She tends to like sassy heroines and hot alpha heroes (although the occasional nerds are fun too!) with lots of fun witty banter.  She lives in a small suburb of Cleveland, OH with her almost perfect husband.  She has three adult daughters who all live nearby, with the oldest being married.


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