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Fun Fact Challenge Giveaway with Madeline Martin!

 We had such a fabulous time at Romance, Wine & Chocolate! #RWC18 Getting to meet this year’s RWC 18’s stellar group of authors was an amazing experience!
To continue the fun, I’ll share 10 posts starting on Sept 4th until the 13th, giving you a chance to guess which Fun Fact belongs to each of the 10 RWC authors. I’ll throw mine in for fun!

Can you guess which Fun Fact belongs to Madeline Martin

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 Choices are: 

  1. Knife Thrower
  2. Lived in Germany
  3. Appears in the movie The Notebook
  4. Lived in Commune 
  5. Met Superman
  6. Trained Massage Therapist
  7. Internet Ordained Minister
  8. Tried Stand-up Comedy
  9. Speech Therapist
  10. Resuscitated a lizard
  11. Raised Chinchillas
 You can make two guesses. Okay, three. 🙂 
 Please make sure you enter the Rafflecopter below. Then come back and post your responses in the comments. 
Mercenary Maiden Series
 by Madeline Martin


Author Spotlight Q&A

Giveaway ends 9/16/18

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On Sept. 17th I’ll select winners from Rafflecopter and share on each author’s page the winner, and reveal the author’s  Fun Fact with a brief description in the comments. 


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8 responses to “Fun Fact Challenge Giveaway with Madeline Martin!

  1. Madeline Martin's Fun Fact is #2 Lived in Germany! Madeline shares:"I'm an Army brat since my dad was career Army, which meant we moved every 3-5 years while I was growing up. But we loved Germany so much, my father continued to request to go there for his next duty station. As a result, we spent over 12 years there total between Frankfurt, Wurzburg and Bad Kreuznach. I am so grateful for that incredible experience and the ability to travel all over Europe through my childhood as a result. Also Ballet/Modern Dancer."

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