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She’s been proposed to five times. Five. She even said yes to one of them. And then broke his heart when she called it off. Not to mention her mother’s heart. And her grandmother’s. And his mother’s. And…you get the picture.
Paige Asher has now officially sworn off all dating. Diamonds give her hives.
All she wants is to be a yoga-doing, cat-collecting, vegetarian in peace. Away from her marriage-crazy family and all their expectations.
So when her weekend fling turns into a real friend and offers her a place to escape, she finds herself on his doorstep in Louisiana. And right in the middle of not just one family wedding, but three. Of course.
Charming, sexy bayou boy Mitch Landry gets stuff done. Whatever anyone needs. From alligator-sitting to getting a buddy drunk to showing a woman a good time to fixing a swamp boat, he’s the man. No problem. No drama.
But he wants a hell of a lot more from Paige than a temporary friends-with-benefits arrangement. He wants to take care of her. And her five cats. He also really wants other men to stop asking her to marry them.
But if a roommate and a few orgasms are all she wants, that’s what he’ll deliver.
He can just be her friend and not commit the greatest sin of all…asking her for forever.

Four Weddings and a Swamp Boat Tour (Boys of the Bayou, #6) by Erin Nicholas
Series: Boys of the Bayou #6
Published by EN Fiction on February 23, 2021

Genres: 3 Flames: Rated R, Romance, Small Town Romance

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Eileen's Thoughts

Four Weddings and a Swamp Boat Tour, another delicious book by Erin Nicholas, book six in her Boys of the Bayou series, is a “can’t put down” story. This story exemplifies the genius that is Erin Nicholas and her writing. It not only wraps up her Boys of the Bayou series, it connects it to her Hot Cakes series and introduces the reader to her next series, Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild.

In addition, it is the continuation and conclusion of the story of Paige Asher and Mitch Landry; that began in the story Oh Fudge.


Paige is a vegan, cat loving, yoga teacher who doesn’t do love. Tired of her family’s interference in her life by questioning her decisions, getting proposed to once again, and missing Mitch despite all their texts, Paige loads her car with a few of her numerous cats and heads south from Iowa to Louisiana to Mitch, without telling anyone.

Arriving unexpectedly in Autre, Mitch is surprised and happy that Paige has arrived, seeking solace, a job, and him. Mitch thought Paige was the perfect woman, wanting a no-strings-attached relationship until she came to town planning to stay for a short time; except he becomes annoyed with Paige’s fear of commitment.

As Paige gets to know the Landry family and soon-to-be Landry members, she finds acceptance and love, wondering if she would ever be able to leave Mitch. Even Mitch realized that leaving Paige would be one of the hardest things he’s ever done. Never having felt this way before, the two started wondering if they were actually falling in love.


The best part of this story for me is seeing the growth and inner-discoveries Paige and Mitch find. Seeing Paige helping out with not one wedding, not two weddings, but three and how efficient she was as a wedding planner. Mitch loved his family and would do anything anyone needed in appreciation for all the help they provided in raising him. He felt he needed to pay them back, not be a problem, or provide any drama. Plus, he wants to take care of Paige, not just this week, or month, or now; but forever.


Ms. Nicholas creates her characters to be appealing, magnetic, sizzling and ready for some action. Once again she outdid herself by writing an amazing story with a charming, idealistic hero and a heroine in need of finding her way in the world that fits her, that should definitely not be missed. This is a tale rich with emotions, sizzling chemistry, sassy and charming characters, supporting Paige and Mitch as they trip and stumble on their journey for finding everlasting love and achieving all they desire. I highly recommend Four Weddings and a Swamp Boat Tour to other readers.



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Reviewer: Eileen is a retired high school teacher who has loved reading all of her life and goes everywhere with a book. She enjoys reading Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Literature, YA, NA, Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Cozy Mysteries. She likes strong heroines, hot heroes and a story that draws her in, not letting go until the last page is turned. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, pup, and near her four adult children.


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