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Jennifer Bernard created another amazing story with Flirting With Forever, book eight in her Lost Harbor, Alaska series. This story has all the feels, a couple of misfits, a community of friends who care about each other like family, and of course love.

Dr. Ian Finnegan grew up, not fitting up with his peers or family, with his off the charts intelligence. Ian knows everything there is about brains, but hearts and relationships, not so much. He has reached a point in his life, ready to find his perfect match; expecting them to be as logical and sensible as he is. When the matchmaker he hired suggests he improve his dating and flirtation skills, he’s not sure who he might find to help. Then he helps a damsel in distress from the side of a snowy Alaskan highway.

Chrissie Yates might consider she’s a “hot mess”, but she is the perfect fun and flirty tutor Ian needs. Chrissie hasn’t returned to Lost Harbor since her eccentric recluse grandfather sent her away when she was seventeen. She has no idea why he left her his property upon his death. Chrissie’s plan is to get in and out as quickly as she can, but taking time to reconnect with her old friends, flying a medivac helicopter for the hospital, and partaking in flirting lessons with Ian make her yearn for a better and more fulfilled life.

Ian realizes that he might have been wrong about the right woman for him as the flirting lessons with Chrissie become more passionate. They definitely have a connection and off the charts chemistry. As a deadly storm approaches Lost Harbor, threatening all, Chrissie and Ian will need to pull out all the stops to keep them together.


I loved Ian and Chrissie separately and together. Bookish and tightly strung Ian was not what or who he seemed. His love and acceptance of his flamboyant nephew showed a caring side to Ian. His stopping to pick up Chrissie and her yellow lab, saving her from a truck of randy teens, and playing along as her husband showed that he could be spontaneous and not a stick in the mud. Then there was Chrissie, homeschooled by her inventor grandfather, her support network of Lost Harbor girlfriends, the lack of confidence in herself after making some major mistakes in her life, yet becoming a strong, confident, and loving woman.


Ms. Bernard wrote an amazing, emotional, heartwarming, and magical story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with reconnecting friends, magnetic attraction, off the charts chemistry, amusing conversations, and endearing eccentric characters, helping Ian and Chrissie find a forever love. I highly recommend Flirting With Forever to other readers.


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