How sweet or spicy a romance is in the story

0 Flame

 No romance, non fiction or self help books.

1 Flame

Sweet Romance is a 1 heat level. There’s kissing and hugging.

Closed doors. (Like Hallmark movies)

2 Flames

 Sexy Romance is like 2 flames of heat. Closed doors, demonstrative, but language isn’t very explicit.

May use bad or potty mouth language. (Like PG rated movies)

3 Flames

 Super Sexy is a 3 heat level. Open doors. Something in between Sexy and Steamy.

Some explicit language. No more than three to four love scenes max. (Like Rated R movies)

4 Flames

Steamy Romance is a 4 heat level, open doors with some explicit language.

More than four love scenes.  (Like Steamier Rated R movies)

5 Flames

 Erotic Romance is a 5 heat level. It’s open doors, very explicit language.

More than steamy, more than four love scenes, but not Erotica. ( Like 50 Shades)

*1/2 Flames

 When the heat level goes a little over.