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Author Spotlight: EMMA SCOTT

The Girl in The Love Song by Emma Scott


Today’s featured author is USA Today and Wall St. Journal bestselling author , Emma Scott! Learn some interesting facts about Emma in this short Q&A.

The Girl in The Love Song by Emma Scott Emma Scott

Now a Top 100 Amazon Bestseller* At Santa Cruz Central High School, they called them the misfits, the outcasts, the weirdos. But most of us knew them as the Lost Boys…


What genres do you write?

New Adult, contemporary, coming of age romance with some slight paranormal romance now and then to change things up.


Coffee or tea lover?

Both, but coffee for sure.


Name one thing on your bucket list.

Move to Hawaii


Do you have pets?

We have a Maltese doggy named Hamilton, though he’s never lived up to his name, so we call him Hammy.

Emma Scott’s Hamilton-Hammy

When I wake up every morning I…

Drink a mug of hot water with lemon. I started doing it six months ago and can’t stop. lol


Weirdest or unique thing you own.

I am the proud owner of first edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books and a few signed drawings by the creators.


Do you have any hobbies or particular skills?

I can name all of the countries of the world in song, and wound up singing in on NPR and my hubs happened to be driving in the car and heard me.


What do you hope readers will experience or gain when reading your stories?

I want them to feel a sense of hope that love always wins, and that no matter the obstacle, or flaw, or illness, or troubled past, they are worthy of loving and to be loved.


What inspired you to write The Girl in the Love Song?

My daughter was a huge advocate of the homeless and while I don’t specifically write a book with an agenda, I do feel it’s important to feature characters from all walks of life and reveal the humanity within them. I also feature an artist in every single one of my books. Either the heroine or hero or both are an artist of some kind, and for this novel I wanted to spotlight singer/songwriters and give myself a shot at trying it too. So I wrote two songs for the book and my musician friends turned them into actual songs the reader can listen to while they read.


A few words that best describe your writing style?

I’d say emotionally heavy but realistic. I don’t like to add a bunch of drama for drama’s sake. I want to portray real people in real situations as best as I can. My readers have called me the Queen of the Soft Romance. I’m not sure what that means exactly, lol, but I don’t write a-hole heroes or bullies. I only ever write about kind people or people trying to do their best. I’ve also been known to write an ugly cry now and then. Okay… frequently. 😉 Heat level-wise, I’d say I’m steamy but not overly so. My books are definitely not fade-to-black but their focus is more on the emotional connection and less about anatomy if that makes sense 😉


The Girl in The Love Song

Author Spotlight: EMMA SCOTT

At Santa Cruz Central High School, they called them the misfits, the outcasts, the weirdos. But most of us knew them as the Lost Boys...
Miller Stratton is a survivor. After a harrowing childhood of poverty, he will do anything it takes to find security for himself and his mom. He’s putting all his hopes and dreams in the fragile frame of his guitar and the beauty he creates with its strings and his soulful voice.
Until Violet.
No one expects to meet the love of their life at age thirteen. But the spunky rich girl steals Miller’s heart and refuses to give it back.
Violet McNamara’s life hasn’t been as simple as it looks. Her picture-perfect family is not so perfect after all. Her best friend Miller is her one constant and she is determined not to ruin their friendship with romantic complications.
But the heart wants what it wants. As Miller’s star begins to rise to stratospheric heights, what will it take for Violet to realize that she’s the girl in all of his love songs?
Lost Boys is a new series of interconnected, coming-of-age standalones from USA Today bestselling author Emma Scott, coming in 2020


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“Hey,” I said.
“Hi,” she said, breathy and nervous. “I’m so glad you came. It’s been awhile.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, Vi. I’m sorry I’ve been cold lately. And I wanted—”
“It’s all right,” she said, waving her hands. “I know things haven’t been great for you since Chet arrived.”
“Yeah, he’s a fucking barnacle. Don’t know how to scrape him off.”
“I do,” Violet said. “Well, not directly. But I know how you can make a ton of money to take care of your mom and get rid of him forever.” She held up her cell phone. “YouTube.”
I leaned against her desk. “I know where you’re going with this.”
“I’ve been doing my homework. Shawn Mendes is literally a superstar because of his Vine videos. Billie Eilish put a song on SoundCloud and now look where she is. After the reaction to your playing at the party, it’s a no-brainer. We put videos of you out there, and the world is going to beg for more.”
I smiled, warmed by her confidence in me. “It’s just that easy, huh?”
“With your talent? Yes.”
“Not that it’s going to happen, but I don’t want to be famous like Mendes.”
“What do you want?”
“To…uh, I don’t know. I like performing in front of people. I didn’t realize how much until I did it at the party. It felt like all the shit I walk around with all day had an outlet. A safe one, where I don’t have to talk about my dad or my past or…”
What I feel for you.
“Or whatever…I can just feel it through the song. And the audience hears and maybe they sort of understand. They understand me.” I shrugged. “Make me feel less lonely.”
Violet’s dark blue eyes were miles deep, so beautiful the way she looked at me, seeing and accepting every flawed and broken piece of me.
The air thickened and turned heavy.
I cleared my throat. “Short answer, I want to make music and earn enough money to live without being so goddamn stressed out all the time. And to help my mom.”
Violet smiled softly. “I get that. But with talent like yours, being famous or not might be out of your hands.”
I smirked. “I think that’s overstating it.”
“I don’t.”
God, her faith in me was total. As if superstardom was a matter of when, not if. My every honorable intention to be the friend she wanted me to be walked away, and the neutral song I’d been thinking about playing followed it out the door. “All I’ll Ever Want,” the song I’d wanted to sing to her on the eve of the first day of school, was now front and center.
“Ready?” she asked.
“What do I do?”
“Introduce yourself and tell us the name of the song you’re about to destroy us with.”
I sat on the edge of Violet’s bed, and she sat beside me, cross-legged, phone held up.
“Five, four, three…”
“So, hey. I’m Miller Stratton,” I said, suddenly nervous without the liquid courage of tequila I’d had at the party. The eye of Violet’s phone camera stared me down. “Uh, I’m from Santa Cruz, California…”
Suddenly, my knit beanie was itchy as hell. I took it off and scrubbed my hand through my hair. A few locks fell over my brow. Violet’s eyes widened and her breath caught. Probably because I was messing this all up. I whipped the hair out of my eyes, cleared my throat, and put my attention safely on my guitar.
“I’m going to play a song called ‘All I’ll Ever Want.’”
My fingers found the strings and strummed, creating sounds that helped make order out of my chaotic feelings. The emotions and harmonies were like twin currents that carried my voice, and my voice spoke the words—a hundred different ways of saying the same thing. Asking Violet the same thing—to fall in love with me the way I loved her.
At the last chorus, my voice rose up and my heart clenched, squeezing hard and emptying itself, giving everything.

Feels so good and feels so weak
This love cuts until I bleed
Don’t touch me, baby, don’t look at my scars,
Until you want to know which ones are yours
All I’ll ever want
All I’ll ever want
Is for you to fall in love with me tonight

The last note wavered then dissipated. Violet held the phone a moment more, then hit stop and dropped her hands in her lap. Her mouth was open, her lush, full lips parted. Her porcelain skin was flushed and her eyes lit up. I saw me reflected in her eyes. Someone who just might make it out of this shit life after all with whatever talent God or the universe saw fit to give me.
“Miller, my God…” she breathed. “That was…”
For you. That was for you. You’re the girl in every song.
“That was…unreal,” she said.
Violet put her hand over her heart. “Yeah. Yes. Oh my God, Miller…”
She reached across the short distance between us with both arms and hugged me. I slid my guitar away and held her tight, closing my eyes and sinking into the circle of her embrace. Soft, warm…it smelled of her skin, her hair, her sweet breath on my neck.
“You’re going to go all the way,” she said, her lips against my shoulder. “I can feel it.”
And in that moment, bolstered and enveloped by her faith in me, I felt it too.
My head moved a little, led by my mouth that wanted hers. Her smooth cheek brushed against my stubbly one. Another small movement, hesitant, but with my entire heart bared behind it, and my lips brushed the corner of her mouth. She pulled back but only far enough to meet my gaze that was full of naked want. Her lips parted with a breathy little gasp, stripping away any restraint I had left.
With a small, rough sound of pure need, I kissed her.
I kissed my best friend. I altered us forever. No going back nor wanting to. Not wanting anything ever again but this.

The Girl in The Love Song by Emma Scott

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