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2 Fun Reviews for A HIGHLANDER IS COMING TO TOWN by Laura Trentham

The third book in the Highland, Georgia romantic comedy series from Laura Trentham, A Highlander is Coming to Town, full of love, laughs...and highlanders!
You better watch out. . .

Holt Pierson is dreading Christmas. His parents absconded to Florida for the season and left him to handle the family farm which will be his one day—whether he wants it or not. Driven by duty, Holt has always followed the path expected of him. But lately, he’s been questioning what he wants and where he belongs. Will assuming the responsibility of the Pierson farm make him happy or is there something—or someone—else out in the wider world calling to him?
To Claire Smythe, the Scottish lead singer of a touring band, Highland, Georgia, is the perfect place to hide . . .until a very handsome and deeply curious Holt begins to ask all the questions Claire doesn’t want to answer. As Holt draws Claire out from under and into the fabric of small-town life, can Claire put the past behind her and embrace the unexpected gifts of the season—including the new and lasting love?

A Highlander is Coming to Town (Highland, Georgia, #3) by Laura Trentham
Series: A Highland Georgia Novel #3
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on September 29, 2020

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Highlander, Romance

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Eileen's Thoughts

WOW!!! A Highlander is Coming to Town is another amazing story filled with compassion, laughs, and major attraction by Laura Trentham, book three in her Highland, Georgia series.

Claire Smythe lead singer in a Scottish touring band decided to hide in Highland, Georgia as she worked through some difficult decisions about her future. Fortunately, a town pastor helped her find lodging when he introduced her to Ms. Meadows, an elderly lady who recently fell and was in need of a helper. Claire tried to keep a low profile but kept encountering Holt Pierson; a handsome and deeply curious resident of Highland.

Holt has been dreading Christmas since his parents drove off in an RV and are now in Florida. He followed in his father’s footsteps, as expected, working on the family farm. Lately Holt’s been wondering if this is what makes him happy, or is there something, or someone, drawing him away from Highland. Running into Claire seems like fate to Holt. He starts questioning her and is not deterred by her reluctance to answer him. Holt decides to bring Claire out from under her shell and expose her to the happenings in small-town Highland.  Claire begins to make friends, something she never had previously, and gets lulled into helping the local Scottish band.

Spending time together, Claire and Holt soon discover a magnetism that can’t keep them apart. Their chemistry has them burning up the sheets not to mention how they fit together like jigsaw pieces. Holt knows Claire has decisions to make, but hopes she can put the past and family obligations behind her and embrace the love they share; giving them the best holiday present ever.


Ms. Trentham wrote a wonderfully funny and sexy story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sizzling chemistry, hot Highlanders, and other charming characters giving Claire and Holt a chance for happiness and love. I highly recommend A Highlander is Coming to Town to other readers. 

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Sue thoughts

A Highlander is Coming to Town by Laura Trentham is the third book in the Highland, GA series.

Holt Pierson is living his life in limbo.  Now with his parents semi-retired, Holt is running the family farm by himself.  He knows one day it will be totally be his responsibility but he is ok with that.  With Christmas fast approaching and missing his parents, Holt finds himself drawn to the mysterious Claire Smythe the young lady from Scotland.  Turns out Claire is living at the elderly Ms. Meadow’s house helping her out.  The more time Holt spends with Claire, the more he is drawn into her life and finds himself wanting to be involved deeper.

Claire is enjoying being around Holt.  It’s the first time in her life that no one has wanted something from her because of who she is.  As Claire’s 25th birthday is fast approaching she knows that she has a big decision to make in regards to what she wants out of her life.  Claire really doesn’t have any type of relationship with her parents and that causes her to reflect back on a lot of her past.  The new life she has been starting in Highland, GA is more exciting and comforting to her than life in Scotland.

Just when Holt and Claire’s relationship looks like it has found a happy medium, Claire’s past comes tumbling into Highland.  It will take a lot of soul searching for Claire to realize what she truly needs to be happy in her life……Holt and her life in Highland.

I enjoyed this sweet story.  Both Claire and Holt have always done the things that other people wanted them to do.  For once they had both made the decision to grab life by the horns to find their true happiness.  They both are sweet, caring people who really deserved their happy ending with each other.


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About Laura Trentham

Laura Trentham

LAURA TRENTHAM is an award-winning author of contemporary and historical romance. She is a member of RWA, and has been a finalist multiple times in the Golden Heart competition. A chemical engineer by training and a lover of books by nature, she lives in South Carolina.

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